By | January 31, 2020


The event of this UNIVERSITY The event was coordinated by BGC in the Lahore Fort. The occasion was nicely organized with a rather wealthy and remarkable history of Pakistan. The guests were amazed to observe the structures and they were glad to learn and got a opportunity to find the ethnic from Pakistan.

They have been served with ethnic sweets and dishes like gajar They were astonished to find how we serve our clients with warm esteem and adore. Following a successful and fantastic occasion day, the chines spoke to the media concerning the future strategies of a fantastic relation in relation to CPEC and BGC investment’s trustworthiness.

Welcomed with a bidding bunch of investors of this gloomy globe and the existence of political personalities had been augurs well. The CEO of Saad Nazir dealt with and revealed an image of the value of blue city sapphire.

Formal demonstration ordered by BGC:

The Chines guests were obtained satisfied with the benefit for Chinese by introducing a demonstration designed by BGC. The project revealed them just how much the chines buddy can get gain and the future strategies for CPEC. The delegate was glad and fulfilled from the demonstration and they revealed a favorable reaction in reward. Following the demonstration session, they had been provided an amazing dinner. The supper was with Dinner in a Muslim Restaurant with Chinese Presents – Tianjin China

The groundbreaking and placing first bricks:


The service of property braking and maintaining the initial brick of Masjid and corporate division of UNIVERSITY TOWN website.


Meeting about the Creation of the flats of blue


A They discussed the layouts and growth of blue planet cities and introduced some fresh progress into the layout too. MR. Chang is a seasoned and gifted programmer. He gave some new and awesome development strategies to be carried out later on in university town Islamabad. The maturation of the flats will be reliable and innovative ahead INSHALLAH.