By | January 20, 2020
What is Colocation

Now with less than a week to go until GatorCon2018 kicks off, we sat down with Jack Bedell-Pearce. Jack will share his hands on expertise and has been a CommuniGator client for quite a few decades. Looking at how he’s used the CommuniGator package.

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You’ve been a Gator Customer a little while now, how long have you been using the product?

Jack: We were initially clients through Wow Analytics (what GatorLeads was called ), but proceeded to using the entire CommuniGator system around 3 years back. There is a spur of activity when getting everything setup. We used GatorMail a whole lot to drive uk colocation services and our cloud. We also showed our sales guys what they can do using GatorLeads as it’s so simple, however after a month or so theyn’t used it much.

We had a few basic issues with our information and were asking them to trawl through and analyse a huge number of unqualified contacts. They n’t got the advantages, and thereforen’t used it to its capacity. Sales were great at following up with those prospects who completed an internet form or clicked on an email link, but not engaging with our website traffic. When GDPR arrived, a milder role was taken by our outbound marketing. We had to look at ways we can maximise our advertising and marketing efforts.

Do your entire sales and marketing team utilize GatorLeads? I hear you have got quite a procedure for this? For capitalising on the full scope of our marketing efforts gatorLeads seemed like a fantastic place to begin, and therefore that was refocused about by us. We ditched now with new tricks, and began again, the plan we had in its entirety. We analyzed certain pages for analytics, but also so we could rank landing pages greater . So we would get notified about visits we added guidelines to those pages.

We also employed a prefiltering method to assist the Sales guys out. Together with the integration between Salesforce and CommuniGator, we could create customized interfaces, so we run reports and could sync data! This also helped enhance our feedback process, thus we could see what worked, and that which was not quite.

Your chat is about getting Sales to use GatorLeads, is this the product you use nearly all of from the CommuniGator Suite, or do you use all facets in tandem?

Jack: It is rather fluid. We utilized GatorMail originally because we had been impressed with the Salesforce Integration. But we used Follow-ups and Workflows using CommuniGator advice to help attain our aims. GDPR shook up things a bit too, and it was at this point.

Why do you think that it’s so important that Sales don’t dismiss using GatorLeads.

Jack: There’s gold in those leads. Because our Sales team have prospects we otherwise wouldn’t have known about and we’ve been able to prove that. GatorLeads can identify enormous quantities of your website traffic so you may reach out to these leads, as opposed to relying on marketing. Sometimes you need to take a proactive strategy, and that is what GatorLeads permits for.

What can we anticipate on your talk at GatorCon2018?

Jack: A very honest, real-world hints and tips about the best way best to utilize GatorLeads effectively within a small organisation. This will not be theory-based, it is all area. Through hard encounters, and learning certain things the way that was challenging, we got a strategy which works. As a business, we together with the item, so our talk will be based on what works for us. We will have a look at how we implemented GatorLeads to get the most.

Jack is speaking again at GatorCon2020. He will be on the main stage at 1.40pm on Day 1, where you are able to take the lessons he has learned the hard way, so you don’t need to. Book your ticket , to learn instantly actionable strategies from business leaders and Gators, clients alike.