By | February 3, 2020

Real estate agent?. As we have commented on several occasions in this real estate blog, training and studies to be a real estate agent are key to stand out in a changing market, which evolves every year and where we cannot sleep on the laurels.

The good news is that in order to act as a real estate agent, no official qualification or entrance exam for professional associations is necessary, as is still the case in some Anglo-Saxon countries.

What studies do you need to be a real estate agent and where do I start?

The list of skills needed to be a real estate consultant is long, but not impossible to achieve.

Studies to be a real estate agent often include content aimed at acquiring this knowledge.

This is what we have seen throughout the entries we have published about real estate courses. Much of the offer we have analyzed includes specific real estate training in marketing or finance for the sector.

That is why we recommend that you start precisely by ensuring that the selection of courses you take encompasses those subjects in which your profile limps, choose your area carefully, for instance, while practicing is Islamabad consider Blue World City.

In addition, if you already have university studies you will be closer to having completed the profile of the ideal real estate agent.

For example, if you have studied economics or business, you will know many of the necessary subjects, such as corporate taxes or the keys to the economy globally.

If you have studied psychology or sociology, you will easily understand many of the concepts that are handled daily in real estate digital marketing such as consumer psychology or buying motivations.

As you have seen, real estate agent studies are a very personal mix of psychology, business, marketing and finance.

None of this knowledge is complicated to acquire, and many of them can be obtained through specialized monographs in real estate schools in your city.

Is there a real estate license?

It is common among agents to think that there is a need to acquire a real estate agent license that allows them to practice the profession.

In our country it is not necessary to have a license of these characteristics or a real estate agent title. It is curious, because Spain is almost one of the only countries where this happens, thanks to the deregulation that the sector experienced with the idea that the properties would be cheaper, something that did not happen.

Yes, there are certain alternatives if I want to be a trusted real estate agent: to be a member.

Advantages of being a member for a real estate broker

We must emphasize that although you are free to choose where to study to be a real estate agent, there are certain advantages if you decide to opt for a collegiate.

Although it is a voluntary act, take note:

  • Professional recognition in the market and before other actors, such as institutions and companies.
  • Access to the bags of judicial experts that the professional associations have.
  • Access to the real estate offer of properties and land of the autonomous professional associations.
  • Liability insurance.
  • Judicial, fiscal and technical advice.
  • Continuous training program with access to courses and seminars to complete your training.
  • Access to the necessary documents to practice your profession, such as lease, purchase and sale contracts, etc.
  • Access to notifications, reports and circulars that will keep you up to date on the state of the market.

But beware! Because although no official qualification is necessary to practice as a real estate agent, it is necessary to enter the Official Association of Real Estate Agents.

Although the sector experienced an important deregulation through Royal Decree-Law 4/2000, of June 23, on urgent liberalization measures in the real estate and transport sector, in which the barriers were removed, it was later established that only the admission to an official college with the possession of the title of graduate, graduate, diploma, engineer, architect, technical engineer or technical architect, or of the official title of Real Estate Agent issued by the competent Ministry.

What do you have to study to be a real estate agent?

That said, you should know that to be a real estate agent it is necessary to have certain knowledge and skills. Although you should not take official studies, we recommend you do this type of courses:

·         Negotiation courses

The real estate agent acts as an intermediary between a buyer and a seller. As such, it has “two jobs” since it must close real estate negotiation processes in which both parties benefit. With what you will have to do some negotiation course if you do not have these skills.

·         Web development courses

Although this type of work is usually outsourced, there are real estate agents who prefer to study a web design course to develop their own page. Although from Blue World City we recommend that you hire a real estate marketing agency specialized in the development of web pages for real estate.

·         Real Estate Courses

To be a good real estate agent you will need to have the ability to capture flats of people who want to sell or rent your home. Nowadays it is what costs agents the most. Do you already know how to capture real estate ? If you still don’t know how to do it, our recommendation is that you look for some real estate acquisition course.

·         Financial courses

Variable interest? Reverse mortgage? These and other financial terms should be clear in the real estate agent’s mind, since he advises his clients every day on what is best for them. It is clear that the final decision will always be in the hands of those who hire the services, but more and more the real estate agent evolves towards a type of profession in which the “advising” part is the one that stands out the most.

·         Communication courses

Every day it is more important that real estate agents also have great communication power. Before the crisis, in the real estate bubble, it was easy to sell. Today, the user is smarter, and if he has survived the crisis, it is because he has been cautious and prudent.
Hence the need to argue and justify each new movement, since today’s user does not give away money.

·         Real Estate Marketing Courses

Real estate digital marketing is closely related to the communication power we were talking about. Today the real estate agent needs a deep knowledge of the online landscape, to know how and why potential clients are looking for. In social networks? Through mobile or PC? Knowing what we call “sales funnel” is key to meet customers and offer something that stands out from the competition.

In addition, if you are looking to create your real estate, you need to know the ins and outs of this discipline, since you will have to design, implement and control many of these real estate marketing strategies.

Do you already have more clear what to study to be a real estate agent? Remember that as professionals in the sector, we recommend that you evaluate your profile and acquire the necessary skills to exercise independently.