By | February 7, 2020

The real estate crisis has broken many businesses, but for the protagonist of our real estate success story today, ICHS Town Islamabad in Pakistan, the crisis has been a great opportunity to do business.

Justin Pierce, a retired Marine who began his professional career as an investor in 2008 in the Washington DC area selling and buying apartments. With the economic downturn, Pierce discovered that he could buy foreclosed real estate for less than $ 90,000, much less than it cost to build a new house in that area.

He closed his first operation in four months with a seized dream house that he arranged and sold for $ 185,000. Since then, the price of this type of property has increased in the United States, reducing the profit margin of Pierce, which has not prevented it from continuing to obtain an average of between $ 15,000 and $ 30,000 per operation. The average sales time is six months.

Snow Goose Homes: The Origins of Justin Pierce

However, the origins of the company that Justin Pierce from reaching the top were not so ambitious. Like many other real estate investors, Justin began to worry about properties when his economic future was raised. His first purchase was made with little more than 20 years to allocate for rent. Several years and many headaches later, Justin Pierce had 6 properties for rent for which he earned good returns.

However, the problems of conventional financing to buy more houses led him to consider a paradigm shift: it was time to start training and learning.

From that moment our protagonist put all his effort in obtaining his real estate agent license, without which it is not possible to practice in the United States and in completing a master in business management from the University of Strayer.

In the following years, the real estate bubble in the United States led him to create a real estate construction agency with a partner, which earned him good economic prosperity and run a company with all of the law.

But Pierce felt far from his roots and the subsequent crisis made him devote himself to what is currently his passion: to reform and give new life to houses for sale in Islamabad in a situation of embargo to be able to sell them again to investors who appreciate the love that Provide to each project.

Strategic alliances for real estate success.

One of the strategic decisions that Justin Pierce made and of which he feels proud today is to find passionate partners like him. As he passes through the business world of real estate development, Pierce acknowledges that he would not risk risking oversizing a company.

In the words of Pierce himself: “I sought strategic relationships with contractors who had the same passion for their trade as me. Thus, I had the opportunity to focus on finding homes, negotiating offers, increasing capital, organizing financing and creating projects and supervising them, which is what I really know and know how to do well. ”

Snow Goose Homes currently offers buying and selling apartments, as well as the management and remodeling of auctioned or abandoned properties for subsequent sale or rental.

With a local scope of activity and discreet billing, there is much we can learn from this international real estate agency. The passion that Pierce projects in each new house that he remodels and in every deal that he closes, teach us that the real estate business is not easy, but that the opportunities it offers if we strive are endless.

In the words of this retired Marine: “As Marine, I have jumped from helicopters, fought in countries at war and protected the president of the United States, but none of these situations has given me as much satisfaction as finding a home for a satisfied customer”

This same passion has led him to create a real estate blog Sky Marketing Islamabad, in which he shares with followers and fellow professionals tricks and tips on the real estate world, as well as a  web design for real estate agents to increase floor sales. Sales you plan to double in two years.

From Inmogesco we hope you reach your goals, we love to see small businesses succeed!