By | January 30, 2020
remote server

In other kinds of Windows 10 versions,”Remote Server Administration Tools” setup will not get the job done so far.

Step 1: Visit this next Microsoft page link:-

Windows 10 server admin tools download page

  • Step 2: Just click the”download button” beneath”Remote Server

Download button for server management tools Windows 10 and 8

  • Step 3: Be sure that your Windows 10 system type (32 bit/64

Choose the system file X64 or X86

  • Measure 4: After-all click on the”Next” button is To get started.

All files that are selected to be proceeded by next your system

remote server administration tools

Step 5: Find the active directory folder and operate That setup one.

Nstall windows 10 RSAT setup files

Run all installation files that are RSAT

Measure 6: During your installation, it will ask the Affirmation”windows upgrade standalone installer” instant then you may click”Yes” to proceed additional installations.

Windows update standalone installer confirmation popup in windows 10

Measure 7: By the same way, install all packages Windows 10/8 systems. The 3 files are downloaded by me so I can all Install those three files .

Active Directory Administrative Center — Turn ON that Windows Feature

Step 8: In windows start menu type “Control Panel.”

Control panel display 10

Step 9: Choose the option that is next here.

“Control panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features -> Turn Windows attributes off or on”

Measure 10: From that dialog box Continuously and find the”Remote Server Management Tools” option.

Measure 11: Expand this choice, then a list shows here.

Step 12: For now, expand (+) that the”Role Administration Tools”

Tools” Everything will be carried out then prompt, and after that abruptly windows programs will set up any files says rebooting the machine.

System restart option for windows 10/8

Step 14: Next Restart your system and the beginning Menu and type your keyboard”active directory” then make sure once more computers & users administrative tools reveals in your windows 10/8 or other earlier versions.

Alternative isn’t there?

Step 1: On the other hand, Windows Features does not possess the Option”Remote Server Management Tools” then you then can following these directions.

Step 2: Similarly, follow above step 1 to step 9.

Measure 3:”Turn Windows features on or off” dialog box select

Directory lighweight directory services

Step 4: Then Windows updated for all these changes that are new.

Applying updated changes screen

Windows installation completed screen

Step 5: Then, everything will okay, type windows start Menu for”active directory” and check this”Active Directory Users and Computers” should install correctly.

Remote Server Management Applications for Windows 10 allows IT Administrators manage Windows Server Technical Preview or other Windows Server discharges from a computer running Windows 10’s release version. RSAT is used by System Administrators to remotely manage server performance without needing to directly log to the console session of the server, increasing security in the data centre and allowing servers to be conducted GUI-less, further reducing the possible attach footprint as well as update management load.

Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 10 comprises Server Manager, Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-insconsoles, Windows PowerShell cmdlets and providers, and tools for handling roles and