By | December 22, 2018
Paper Bag

The word ‘Kraft’ comes from the German and means ’resistance’. It is not a bad term for this paper, since, due to its composition, it is much more resistant than some types of conventional paper. Kraft paper, as well as its chemical process for the manufacture of cellulose pulp from long fibbers of wood. Below we describe some of the advantages of ถุงคราฟท์ and why they are the best option.

Advantages of using the Paper Bag

There are advantages and disadvantages with the use of paper bags. The first advantage of paper bags is that they can reduce the use of plastic bags. Paper bags are eco-friendly. It can decompose and be part of the earth in a few months. It can be recycled and can be made from recycled paper as well. There are also some companies that buy old paper bags to be recycled. There are governments that encourage the use of recycled paper bags and lower taxes that are applied in the business.

Disadvantages of using the Paper Bag

But of course when there are advantages there are disadvantages. If a person is buying wet stuff like meat, fish and others produce the paper stick to the meat or fish and the paper will break soon before one can get home. Most paper bags disintegrate way before someone can get home because the paper cannot handle the weight of the things the person bought. For business owners, paper bags are usually more expensive than plastics. Most entrepreneurs increase the price of goods or products they sell for the price of the packaging. This is bad news for consumers. But there are entrepreneurs who prefer to help the environment and charge additional charges for plastic bags if the customer prefers them.

There are companies that have sales of bags that are old in style or color is not

Paper Bag

already accepted by the public. There are different bags for different purposes. One of the purposes is for take outs. There are bags that are designed for the food importer. There are also handbags that are designed for wines. There are others with different handles like rope for heavier things. There are other bags for crafts and stationery. There are other gifts. They are also great for dresses or shoes. To summarize everything, there are really different bag designs for different things. Only one would have to choose what they need.

Many experts would say that collecting paper bags on plastic is the best way to fight against global warming. This is also one of the advantages of having paper bags instead of plastic bags. Plastic bag takes many years before it can decompose, but with the paper it takes a very short time lapse. Plastics also clog roads and drain pipes that can cause flooding when there is a pour down. So to help alleviate these environmental problems one should opt for moving plastic bags to paper bags for the sake of mother earth.