By | July 17, 2020


To get some extra items, you must have a saved game from the first game. This is what you will get:

Fangs of Chaos

If you have finished the original game (on any difficulty).

Rider Pauldron

If you have played first Qnnit and have at least one achievement.


Achievement Description
Gloomy harvest Unlock the Reaper Form
Sounds like something to me
The Fire of the Mountain
Tears of the Mountain
Move a mountain
Lunch time Level up your first possessed weapon
The spectral touch
Dust to dust
Heart of the mountain
The Tree of Life
The Lord of the Bones
At your service
The toll of the kings
Until death do us part
The Court of Bones
Splitting the soul
City of the Dead
Potential at the top Unlock all combat moves and upgrades
Arafel’s Rod
Cutting wings
Can i have dessert
Without barriers in time
Dyes of heresy
The Mad Queen
This is not over yet
Until the end
The Lord of Blackrock
The Roots of Corruption
The big boss
Walk through the Demon Park Complete the game with any difficulty level
For my brother Complete the game on NORMAL
Reach your goal
Like a Noss
Chain of favours Give an item to a friend
Massive brawl Fill all the spaces with elite items
I bring you a present
A true Horseman Complete the game in APOCALYPTIC
Epic! Death reaches level 30
Triple Lindy
Bravo, colleague Defeat the Evil K
The book of the dead
The secondary adventure Complete all side missions
Is there anyone else? Complete The Crucible
Abra Cadabra Open all the graves of the dead
Free buffet
Cum laude Unlock noita map