By | January 17, 2020

A nicely configured dedicated servers in Pakistan provide a greater degree of management, stability, and functionality compared to shared hosting or VPS servers.

We provide options inside a host array, self-managed and metal server. We supply both Microsoft Windows as well as Linux (all flavors).

Together with our top notch service along with also a 100% uptime SLA for company dedicated host array, your company can completely rely on our providers.

CreativeON has over 19 decades of host management expertise with small business.

Dedicated Servers Hosting


Few Characteristics That Each Dedicated Servers Contain

Regardless of to our Business Fundamental or Email server colocation hosting array, whether you go, there are.


All Servers RAID 1 setup. If it is not needed by you, you can un-check throughout sequence.


Server Direction

Yes, you read it correctly. We provide unlimited bandwidth, and there are no extra fees.


We use it to back your server, add another HDD at no price or utilize with software RAID for redundancy.

colocation hosting

if you’re on a budget and looking for greatly discounted dedicated server, then you’ve arrived at the ideal location. In regards to offering servers that are cheap, you will find another supplier with bandwidth and low prices.

Money-back Guarantee

Our fundamental servers include a 99.9% network uptime guarantee plus also for Email and Business Server, we provide a 100% uptime guarantee or your money back.


If you’re searching for advantages of a dedicated server but have a restricted budget, then Virtual Private Servers are the optimal solution for you. Our VPS Packages comes yet flexibility for updates.


If your program is really a power hungry or you’re anticipating glitches in added security, visitors, and setup liberty Dedicated Server is the ideal selection for you.


Unmanaged Dedicated Servers furnish you with power, the hardware, and connectivity; we’re accountable for maintaining the server alive with a operating system so that you may get it remotely. How you facets of your host that is dedicated such as apply security patches, upgrades, firewalls, and hardening, it’s totally your decision.


Managed Dedicated Servers, it’s not your specialty or Should you find it difficult to spare time for host direction, let the responsibility is taken by our host administrators. Our services provide reliability because copies are included at no excess price.


Multi-Terms Ignore

in addition to our already low priced dedicated servers, we’re offering one month away to get a 6-month contract, and 2 weeks away to get a yearly contract.