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Snow Goose Homes: the real estate success story of Justin Pierce

The real estate crisis has broken many businesses, but for the protagonist of our real estate success story today, ICHS Town Islamabad in Pakistan, the crisis has been a great opportunity to do business.

Justin Pierce, a retired Marine who began his professional career as an investor in 2008 in the Washington DC area selling and buying apartments. With the economic downturn, Pierce discovered that he could buy foreclosed real estate for less than $ 90,000, much less than it cost to build a new house in that area.

He closed his first operation in four months with a seized dream house that he arranged and sold for $ 185,000. Since then, the price of this type of property has increased in the United States, reducing the profit margin of Pierce, which has not prevented it from continuing to obtain an average of between $ 15,000 and $ 30,000 per operation. The average sales time is six months.

Snow Goose Homes: The Origins of Justin Pierce

However, the origins of the company that Justin Pierce from reaching the top were not so ambitious. Like many other real estate investors, Justin began to worry about properties when his economic future was raised. His first purchase was made with little more than 20 years to allocate for rent. Several years and many headaches later, Justin Pierce had 6 properties for rent for which he earned good returns.

However, the problems of conventional financing to buy more houses led him to consider a paradigm shift: it was time to start training and learning.

From that moment our protagonist put all his effort in obtaining his real estate agent license, without which it is not possible to practice in the United States and in completing a master in business management from the University of Strayer.

In the following years, the real estate bubble in the United States led him to create a real estate construction agency with a partner, which earned him good economic prosperity and run a company with all of the law.

But Pierce felt far from his roots and the subsequent crisis made him devote himself to what is currently his passion: to reform and give new life to houses for sale in Islamabad in a situation of embargo to be able to sell them again to investors who appreciate the love that Provide to each project.

Strategic alliances for real estate success.

One of the strategic decisions that Justin Pierce made and of which he feels proud today is to find passionate partners like him. As he passes through the business world of real estate development, Pierce acknowledges that he would not risk risking oversizing a company.

In the words of Pierce himself: “I sought strategic relationships with contractors who had the same passion for their trade as me. Thus, I had the opportunity to focus on finding homes, negotiating offers, increasing capital, organizing financing and creating projects and supervising them, which is what I really know and know how to do well. ”

Snow Goose Homes currently offers buying and selling apartments, as well as the management and remodeling of auctioned or abandoned properties for subsequent sale or rental.

With a local scope of activity and discreet billing, there is much we can learn from this international real estate agency. The passion that Pierce projects in each new house that he remodels and in every deal that he closes, teach us that the real estate business is not easy, but that the opportunities it offers if we strive are endless.

In the words of this retired Marine: “As Marine, I have jumped from helicopters, fought in countries at war and protected the president of the United States, but none of these situations has given me as much satisfaction as finding a home for a satisfied customer”

This same passion has led him to create a real estate blog Sky Marketing Islamabad, in which he shares with followers and fellow professionals tricks and tips on the real estate world, as well as a  web design for real estate agents to increase floor sales. Sales you plan to double in two years.

From Inmogesco we hope you reach your goals, we love to see small businesses succeed!

Studies to be a real estate agent: What to study?

Real estate agent?. As we have commented on several occasions in this real estate blog, training and studies to be a real estate agent are key to stand out in a changing market, which evolves every year and where we cannot sleep on the laurels.

The good news is that in order to act as a real estate agent, no official qualification or entrance exam for professional associations is necessary, as is still the case in some Anglo-Saxon countries.

What studies do you need to be a real estate agent and where do I start?

The list of skills needed to be a real estate consultant is long, but not impossible to achieve.

Studies to be a real estate agent often include content aimed at acquiring this knowledge.

This is what we have seen throughout the entries we have published about real estate courses. Much of the offer we have analyzed includes specific real estate training in marketing or finance for the sector.

That is why we recommend that you start precisely by ensuring that the selection of courses you take encompasses those subjects in which your profile limps, choose your area carefully, for instance, while practicing is Islamabad consider Blue World City.

In addition, if you already have university studies you will be closer to having completed the profile of the ideal real estate agent.

For example, if you have studied economics or business, you will know many of the necessary subjects, such as corporate taxes or the keys to the economy globally.

If you have studied psychology or sociology, you will easily understand many of the concepts that are handled daily in real estate digital marketing such as consumer psychology or buying motivations.

As you have seen, real estate agent studies are a very personal mix of psychology, business, marketing and finance.

None of this knowledge is complicated to acquire, and many of them can be obtained through specialized monographs in real estate schools in your city.

Is there a real estate license?

It is common among agents to think that there is a need to acquire a real estate agent license that allows them to practice the profession.

In our country it is not necessary to have a license of these characteristics or a real estate agent title. It is curious, because Spain is almost one of the only countries where this happens, thanks to the deregulation that the sector experienced with the idea that the properties would be cheaper, something that did not happen.

Yes, there are certain alternatives if I want to be a trusted real estate agent: to be a member.

Advantages of being a member for a real estate broker

We must emphasize that although you are free to choose where to study to be a real estate agent, there are certain advantages if you decide to opt for a collegiate.

Although it is a voluntary act, take note:

  • Professional recognition in the market and before other actors, such as institutions and companies.
  • Access to the bags of judicial experts that the professional associations have.
  • Access to the real estate offer of properties and land of the autonomous professional associations.
  • Liability insurance.
  • Judicial, fiscal and technical advice.
  • Continuous training program with access to courses and seminars to complete your training.
  • Access to the necessary documents to practice your profession, such as lease, purchase and sale contracts, etc.
  • Access to notifications, reports and circulars that will keep you up to date on the state of the market.

But beware! Because although no official qualification is necessary to practice as a real estate agent, it is necessary to enter the Official Association of Real Estate Agents.

Although the sector experienced an important deregulation through Royal Decree-Law 4/2000, of June 23, on urgent liberalization measures in the real estate and transport sector, in which the barriers were removed, it was later established that only the admission to an official college with the possession of the title of graduate, graduate, diploma, engineer, architect, technical engineer or technical architect, or of the official title of Real Estate Agent issued by the competent Ministry.

What do you have to study to be a real estate agent?

That said, you should know that to be a real estate agent it is necessary to have certain knowledge and skills. Although you should not take official studies, we recommend you do this type of courses:

·         Negotiation courses

The real estate agent acts as an intermediary between a buyer and a seller. As such, it has “two jobs” since it must close real estate negotiation processes in which both parties benefit. With what you will have to do some negotiation course if you do not have these skills.

·         Web development courses

Although this type of work is usually outsourced, there are real estate agents who prefer to study a web design course to develop their own page. Although from Blue World City we recommend that you hire a real estate marketing agency specialized in the development of web pages for real estate.

·         Real Estate Courses

To be a good real estate agent you will need to have the ability to capture flats of people who want to sell or rent your home. Nowadays it is what costs agents the most. Do you already know how to capture real estate ? If you still don’t know how to do it, our recommendation is that you look for some real estate acquisition course.

·         Financial courses

Variable interest? Reverse mortgage? These and other financial terms should be clear in the real estate agent’s mind, since he advises his clients every day on what is best for them. It is clear that the final decision will always be in the hands of those who hire the services, but more and more the real estate agent evolves towards a type of profession in which the “advising” part is the one that stands out the most.

·         Communication courses

Every day it is more important that real estate agents also have great communication power. Before the crisis, in the real estate bubble, it was easy to sell. Today, the user is smarter, and if he has survived the crisis, it is because he has been cautious and prudent.
Hence the need to argue and justify each new movement, since today’s user does not give away money.

·         Real Estate Marketing Courses

Real estate digital marketing is closely related to the communication power we were talking about. Today the real estate agent needs a deep knowledge of the online landscape, to know how and why potential clients are looking for. In social networks? Through mobile or PC? Knowing what we call “sales funnel” is key to meet customers and offer something that stands out from the competition.

In addition, if you are looking to create your real estate, you need to know the ins and outs of this discipline, since you will have to design, implement and control many of these real estate marketing strategies.

Do you already have more clear what to study to be a real estate agent? Remember that as professionals in the sector, we recommend that you evaluate your profile and acquire the necessary skills to exercise independently.

university of islamabad bahria town


The event of this UNIVERSITY The event was coordinated by BGC in the Lahore Fort. The occasion was nicely organized with a rather wealthy and remarkable history of Pakistan. The guests were amazed to observe the structures and they were glad to learn and got a opportunity to find the ethnic from Pakistan.

They have been served with ethnic sweets and dishes like gajar They were astonished to find how we serve our clients with warm esteem and adore. Following a successful and fantastic occasion day, the chines spoke to the media concerning the future strategies of a fantastic relation in relation to CPEC and BGC investment’s trustworthiness.

Welcomed with a bidding bunch of investors of this gloomy globe and the existence of political personalities had been augurs well. The CEO of Saad Nazir dealt with and revealed an image of the value of blue city sapphire.

Formal demonstration ordered by BGC:

The Chines guests were obtained satisfied with the benefit for Chinese by introducing a demonstration designed by BGC. The project revealed them just how much the chines buddy can get gain and the future strategies for CPEC. The delegate was glad and fulfilled from the demonstration and they revealed a favorable reaction in reward. Following the demonstration session, they had been provided an amazing dinner. The supper was with Dinner in a Muslim Restaurant with Chinese Presents – Tianjin China

The groundbreaking and placing first bricks:


The service of property braking and maintaining the initial brick of Masjid and corporate division of UNIVERSITY TOWN website.


Meeting about the Creation of the flats of blue


A They discussed the layouts and growth of blue planet cities and introduced some fresh progress into the layout too. MR. Chang is a seasoned and gifted programmer. He gave some new and awesome development strategies to be carried out later on in university town Islamabad. The maturation of the flats will be reliable and innovative ahead INSHALLAH.

HostPapa is our favourite internet host and it is Since they are a business.

windows web hosting uk

Before we Enter the breakdown of Distinct I’ll present the group. We’ve got a marketing agency, also we are a class named Castle Media.

I am the man who publishes, the writer of this manual and Gary The majority of the hosting testimonials on this website. I have been a web designer as far back as I can recall, before MySpace and Facebook windows web hosting uk .

I have hosted tens of thousands of websites around the and Canada United States, and throughout this moment, I have seen lots of hosts come and go.

Hosting Reviews — Research Procedure & Our Trackingwindows web hosting uk

Picture of our monitoring via pingdomMaking educated Decisions necessitates getting the way and information.

That is precisely what we’ve done for the past couple of decades.

We monitor latency, downtime and uptime . If You have a peek at the chart. We utilize an innovative monitoring software which pings each website 50X times every day. We are advised of any outages or interruptions in service.

Our recommended services were added by us and concealed the URLs That you determine also for a long time and that ones have gone in the past, Since they customer sites but a glance at the information.

It is possible to observe the monitoring that is live here. Read Research that is 4-step procedure here.

The Way to Use This Guide

We wanted to Give Lots of advice while Keeping things easy to comprehend, which explains the reason we rated our hosts .


It is a normal system together using our number-one Recommendation on very top, followed by number 2 and forth. We included our top four options to steer clear of info. These include for supplying the maximum quality three which created our cut but lacking in a few locations.


The Very Best Web Hosting Services at 2020

Listed below are the 4 best Canadian web hosting reviews at price, Customer support, uptime and speed.

  1. HostPapa — Greatest Canadian predominate + Ignore

HostPapa Offers Hosting Canada Clients 67% Off + Free Domain Registration


It is used by us to get just about Each of our Websites, And nearly all of our customer sites that are newest utilize it. Apart not unsatisfactory in some of our standards and excelling at its vast majority HostPapa is the greatest option that is Canadian.

You site will load faster than it might Since the servers of HostPapa are situated throughout Canada, Hosted on popular internet hosts. They’re also headquartered in Canada (in Burlington, ON).

They’re since HostPapa enjoys Canada as far as we can Offering our subscribers discounts.

Use the link arrow Pointing to hostpapa reduction join for subscribers to maintain your discount on brand fresh hosting packages.

Half of the cost of the routine packages along with Updates which are a little expensive. The discount they’re currently offering leaves a superior choice such as HostPapa cheap as a number of the plans.


HostPapa has been kind enough to provide our subscribers all Of their features at no cost, for example completely absolutely totally free coaching, free site builder, free SSL safety, their 30 day warranty and domain name registration a worth. To find the free domain (+ other goodies), register now on this hyperlink.


HostPapa excels when it comes to client service, That it’s available 24/7 to answer nearly any query that is technical. Contacting their service staff is similar to getting a very helpful worker pop from nowhere to your site via chat.


As It has information centers around Canada and The operation of the internet host is as a result of location although Upgrades are on hosting plans, great. SDD on servers runs and utilizes.


One-click setup is even offered by hostPapa Install WordPress. Additionally, it has SSL capacity with the Encrypt of Let.


  1. Hostinger — Finest”Cheap” Host


Are you wanting to save a little cash? Look no more.

Pricing is an Advertising strategy in the Hosting business. This approach has been mastered by hostinger and you are benefited by it as far as they are benefited by it.

The cost of hostinger will vary between $0.99 a month to $2.15 a month semi-regularly. You are able to lock this cost for 48 weeks. That is four decades of hosting for under $70 almost any manner it swings.

Their support has to be lousy and slow! Wrong.

Hostinger needs to undergo and is a newcomer Further testing originally, that which we have discovered is that Hostinger delivers.

This Is a Superb option If You’d like the basic features all The other providers supply. Total disclosure: you will not receive all the bells and whistles with all the programs that are of the. Before choosing on a bundle review your attribute needs. In regards to hosting with functionality that produces The main point is, if you are seeking to save a good deal of cash, Hostinger is a fantastic option.

In Spite of the grade you receive a cash Warranty, a domain that is free name, and SSL that is absolutely completely free!


  1. Bluehost — The “Beginners” Host

First timer? Start here.

Without providing you a we are not likely to say Bluehost Warning: they’re excellent in advertisements and marketing, so you will begin to view their advertisements as soon as you go to the website.

You might have heard great things. The Reality Is, A number of the Bluehost reviews you are going to read on the internet will be spot on: it’s among the ideal internet hosting providers period, for novices.

Why is it great for novices? Bluehost is the most easy to Use and to install, simple and plain. The business knows that hosting could be confusing so that they make it as simple as possible for those that are only beginning. Bluehost is a wonderful option if you are just beginning with a site.

Another Part Beginners is your cost. The bank won’t violate with Bluehost that’s excellent for bloggers that may take a while.

In Addition to that, they’ve a 30-day, useful Customer Care Money back warranty, and an interface that is simple to use. Novices and newbies rejoice, Bluehost is right here for you.

How much does it cost to sponsor a site?

Anywhere each month of years. If You are just beginning out there is no reason. Since you grows in popularity, then you’ll have to scale you hosting strategy.

What is the very most effective hosting provider?

It is dependent upon what you require. Bluehost and hostGator have been Runaway winners in our study, but it does not mean they are the sole Ones worth considering. While big iPage ends up, for cheapness WPEngine is often used by websites. Everything comes back to demands. Ask yourself What your requirements get the very ideal match for them and are

List of colocation hosting examples

colocation hosting examples

When Using colocation hosting examples have become Many companies, common daily decide to host their solutions. Which are the top 10 reasons the move should be made by why a company and utilize colocation services? NetSource supplies a colo facility with a number of the reasons companies move.

1) Layout / Infrastructcolocation hosting examplesure: Colocation centers are constructed To specifications and criteria to fulfill the requirements of the high-tech hardware. Datacenters are made with renewable power, cooling (HVAC), Generators, safety systems and several different facets which may cost tens of thousands of dollars. Professionals 24/7/365 monitor these programs. Firms are able to benefit from this rather than attempting to sponsor their own gear in a place that is less than desired.

2) Risk Management: Getting your information in a Safe off-site Place is a superb way to handle your small business risks if you’re currently hosting your data. Many companies use datacenters because their”disaster recovery” place so that they could recover from a significant event at their workplace. Many companies decide to utilize the datacenter as their workplace and the place for copies and recovery. For particular kinds of companies it’s a necessity to generate a complete disaster recovery (DR) strategy to reveal how they are going to recover information they’re hosting for their customers.

mind. This usually means that facilities have built into the infrastructure such as electricity. At office places that are conventional it might not be possible to execute this sort of redundancy, and can be large, once it’s the prices.

4) Bandwidth: Earning 100 mbps of bandwidth May Be Hard in an office place. Try earning 10 gbps or even a 1 gbps and it might not be possible. Insert a line that is redundant by a supplier and that I believe that you can see the prices begin to accumulate. Datacenters have bandwidth pipes plus links are received by them . This gives lots of advantages for a portion of the price to you. Utilize the economy of scale of the datacenter and you’ll receive better service.

5) Safety: Datacenters by are constructed to be protected by nature. Datacenters are currently protecting tens of thousands of dollars of hardware and also also have safety features. A datacenter could have entry and biometric or key card access . Datacenters have personnel on-site and 24/7/365 security camera protection protecting the gear. It’s challenging to find this amount of safety and your customers may need datacenters are the smartest choice if you add in security certificates.

6) Compliance / Obligations companies attempting To do hosting might overlook. Organizations will need to establish also an audit may have to show this and they’re currently protecting. Datacenters hold this and these certificates may save companies thousands of dollars each year. Duties like HIPAA, PCI, SSAE16 Type II, and Safe Harbor are only a couple of the items which could be necessary when hosting the data of a customer. Hosting in a colocation provider can make the process of becoming licensed much simpler by enabling auditors to review certificates.

7) Price: Creating and handling a datacenter can Be extremely costly. Might it be worth the cost when it to Construct your datacenter Might not be as dependable as a colocation facility that is neighborhood? You Want to factor in The price of maintenance but also not only the infrastructure. When you Factor to gain Save enormous amounts of cash once you host using a datacenter that is local than hosting in-house. It is Difficult to Ascertain how much cash you risk to lose If you’re currently hosting at an site that is unreliable.

Housing societies near Islamabad international airport

Thus far, we’ve talked about popular personal home societies benefitting in the inauguration shortly to occur of this new Islamabad airport. These days, we’re providing you an insight to the Capital Development Authority (CDA) businesses, which in Zone II, are allotted to various departments to establish their cooperative housing societie

G-15 or Jammu & Kashmir Cooperative Housing Society (JKCHS)

It’s located on Kashmir High close GT Road Interchange on Islamabad Motorway Link Road with Peshawar Road and GT Road running throughout it. It’s conveniently near, however a safe space away from the airport facility along with also the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway M-1.

JKCHS is 100% designed by land ownership available during the job. It sports 8-marla, 10-marla, 14-marla, 1-kanal, 24-marla and 2-kanal residential plots. Based on Muhammad Usman, that works for Marwat and Associates and can be regarded as a professional for home societies situated near the airport, the society has some lawsuit problems. He warns buyers interested in the society to cope through a trusted agent so as to ensure they simply purchase plots in areas which were cleared.

G-16 or Ministry of Interior Cooperative Housing Society MICHS

It’s situated adjacent to JKCHS and is relatively smaller in dimension. Exactly the identical street network which benefits the inhabitants of JKCHS additionally makes G-16 a equally appealing place to reside. The airport’s space from here is relatively shorter, which is a significant reason it attracts purchaser, Zeeshan Alvi of Mubarak Estate informed us.


Regardless of the fact that land ownership isn’t available across the society, land prices here are nearly exactly like a lot of residential plots in JKCHS. On the other hand, the NOC for the society was cancelled recently because its direction failed to comply with the CDA rules. The moment they do this, the CDA will recover the NOC to get MICHS, stated Alvi, that considers that prices here will fall slightly in the meanwhile.

The alternatives offered in MICHS concerning plot dimensions are relatively few as the society simply contains 8-marla, 10-marla, 14-marla and 1-kanal residential plots.

B-17 or Multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS)

It’s located in the eastern border of Islamabad Capital Territory across the Islamabad -Peshawar Motorway M-1. When compared with the other societies we discussed previously, the space between B-17 and also the airport is more, which should not be an issue since the extensive road infrastructure connects everything significant collectively, Alvi informed us.


Based on Usman, the society is roughly 80% improved with ownership available. It’s eight cubes; Blocks A, B, C, D, E, and F. Block A is 90 percent developed, Block B and C are 100% developed and Block E is 80%, although the growth is full of Block E by 20%, which also contains some lawsuit problems. Right now, Blocks F and F are seeing growth function. The development work from the extensions of Block C and B i.e. B-1 and C-1 is anticipated to be finished in 1 year.

Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City, a gigantic home job Initiated by Blue Group of Businesses (BGC) will be the very first Pak-China home society in Pakistan developed in cooperation with the Chinese.

It’s the most budget-friendly housing job Developed from the Chinese investment with a simple installation plan contemplating its size – which makes it popular amongst investors. Its proximity to the twin towns (Islamabad and Rawalpindi) is an additional bonus.

The project has been developed together with the vision of Making it a brand new commercial hub of Pakistan. Blue World City is going to be the primary private home society to be deemed as Pak-China Friendly City.

This home scheme project being developed by the Chinese investment will offer a marketplace for Pakistani and Chinese producers with easy accessibility to local and global buyers throughout the CPEC course; M-2 Motorway — situated near New Islamabad International Airport.


SURBANA JURONG: the Ultimate Convenience!

If someone does not take the the choice of resignation, the organization will subsequently serve the letter of termination to the worker. There are rather limited alternatives available for booking, so you ought to make your decision fast in case you need to avail this opportunity. In conclusion, you don’t need to go anywhere in the event of health emergencies.

Capital Smart City is accepted by RDA. Likewise, it urges to provide standard lifestyles for them so they may feel like they are home. The capital smart city stipulates the exceptional facilities of better accommodation, beautiful place, and a peaceful atmosphere.

It is planned to be an eco-friendly housing project that will provide excellent residential and business opportunities to its residents. It is thought to become an area promoting healthy and active lifestyle. It is going to be a city of all-natural vistas and scenery. It’s 23rd smart city of the planet.

The 2 agencies are some of the the top rated real estate developers of Pakistan. With over 70 decades of track record in successful project delivery, it’s currently one of the largest Asia-based consultancies. The firm will undertake the whole development from start to finish.

It has no lack of project supply. The business has a history of planning smart cities around the world in numerous nations. It will expand development work onto other areas in the future. It is quite a well-known brand in the building industry of the nation.

A large part of the website’s natural features and new works like a public transport network with strategically places stations are carefully integrated in the total masterplan. This region is explicitly meant to satisfy the reason. Furthermore, the residential areas are structured with the exact same passion as the public locations.

Capital Smart City Location is considered to be ideal from investment viewpoint. You might also observe that it’s getting direct access through Motorway in addition to proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road. It intends to preserve the natural resources and make sure zero-net loss of organic places.

The project is forecast to be ready by 2023. Once being operational, this undertaking will certainly end up being one of the principal hubs for economic activities all around the area. It supplies advanced development and contemporary infrastructure. It ensures self-sustaining improvement. It intends to create an enjoyable environment for its people.

The drifting community in the middle of the lake is unquestionably the best portrayal of our customs and shows that we’re so near our conventions. The society is planned over a place of 45000 kanals of land, while ample area was marked for future extensions as a way to materialize the idea of an intelligent city.

Most significantly, in addition, there are very solid rumors this society will gradually be taken over by DHA. With its world-class features, supreme utilities and traditional services, it’s a dream society to reside in and individuals who believe art is the trick to contentment can’t keep away from this masterpiece.


Segregation of sectors is crucial for a proper and much better lifestyle. The staring of a bright city in Islamabad is a massive achievement. The role of incorporating ICTs is to improve the functioning of services.

Most importantly, it’s introducing innovative ideas in actual estate sector as a way to guarantee sustainable future. Furthermore, 7 tube wells are operational on the website. At my age to go for such training is very tough, but we must go ahead and can’t turn back. It can readily be accessed from Chakri road.