By | February 3, 2020
bff cover

I will not hide that it makes people talk, for example. It’s not normal, it’s not common. We seem to be flirting and playing behind the backs of our respective spouses. I understand and agree.

But here, let me put a flat on all that: for a guy-girl friendship having same bff covers, we agree that the relationship must be platonic. In the sense that neither of the two parties expects to have more of the other. This aspect is not easy to establish, it goes without saying, but is essential to maintain a relationship of friendship with the opposite sex.

“I’m still going to” do wrong “. I’m a failure.”

You will certainly hurt certain things, such as breathing through your mouth, causing hyperventilation, and wondering why the breathing exercise cannot calm you down. Sometimes it is neither right nor wrong, like identifying your thoughts or feelings.

bff covers

You can resign yourself to doing something “wrong” and give up, or choose to adopt a curious state of mind, asking yourself, “What can I learn from this experience?”. Take breathing as an example: you can say to yourself, “This is how I usually breathe when I am afraid. Throughout the day, I will breathe through my nose. So, when I am stressed, I will control my breathing more.” .

Small changes in thought patterns rhyme with big differences. Which one will you choose?

“People will think I’m crazy.”

At least one in two people will experience depression at some point in their lives, that’s how it is. So why not give depression the same interest as a cold. I highly appreciate the opinion of Professor Dr Guy Winch on this subject: when we cut ourselves, we know how to treat ourselves. However, we do not practice emotional hygiene, letting our psychological scars fester, because our prejudices invite to favor physical health over mental health, these being however closely linked.

The story does not end there. I work with 85% of guys worse after almost two years, I got closer to some of them that I see outside of the job. Over time, I became friends with one of them, but a fairly close friendship, not just camaraderie. I realized that talking about your problems with someone other than your boyfriend is so refreshing. Even talking to him makes my problems … futile. Not that he takes life lightly, but we will not hide that a guy does not think like a girl, it is not for nothing, it lives in the present moment, etc. So, in addition to having fun with him, I learn things about life, about my life. And I like that.

Studies show that among all their relatives, most adults have only one or two very close friends. This allows us to have a good reflection on life: would you prefer to give them € 10 to them, or to the hundreds of followers you have on Twitter?

It must however be remembered that not all friendships are of the “friends for life” type. Sometimes it can be friends of convenience, or relationships that are needed in a given situation. And if things get complicated or the person is not as available as they used to be, it’s actually quite normal.