By | January 29, 2020
bandana neck scarf

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I’m obsessed over the bandana movement recently. Head Accessories generally are my favourite, like rings and headscarves, they can spice up your outfit!

I am really excited about doing a blog post to show you how To use these thoughts accessories — giving ideas with what you have already got to create more to you bandana neck scarf.

Let’s do this!

  1. Tie Your Bandana About Your Pony

I Enjoy doing this makes the look Round a ponytail. It adds a little sass to a ponytail with any effort. You can do a pony or large, but I go . Tip: Use a hair band to fasten then blend the bandana on for more support.

  1. Tied as a Choker

Another way to wear your bandana is as a tie choker Like you may see in the outfit under. This way of sporting my bandana took me a moment to get comfortable with, but I love how it appears with any top. The trick is to be sure that you fold the bandana super tight that all loose ends are safe. It works better when you use a square bandana.

  1. Employ It Tied Around Your Neck As A Side Knot Necklace


This is my favorite way to style the bandana right now. It is possible to wear this look during any time, which makes it ammmmazing! I usually organize the colours with the season to keep in motif (i.e. browns, burgundy, cool colors for autumn ). I usually will keep the outfit pretty easy with a simple white shirt and denim, letting the bandana or scarf provide that pop of color to the ensemble.


  1. Wear It Happens Around Your Neck As A Front Knot Necklace


That is pretty much the Exact Same thing as way No. 3 (as a Necklace), except instead of linking it into the side to get a fancier look, tie in front in which the knot is centered. I wear it like this for work all the time — it’s such a cute look!


  1. Tying the End Your Braid

bandana neck scarf

If youwant a bit extra and’re wearing a Simple outfit Signature, you can tie the bandana. I love the dutch braid displayed below, however, fishtail or regular braid functions too!


Loving the look, but do not know where to look for bandanas or scarves?


Hope this helps with bandanas or any headscarves you have! Do y’all have some other methods to design a bandana or headscarves? Allow me to know, I would really like to try something new!


New Ways To Wear A Bandana On Your Hair – My Design Vita


I feel like it has been the year of the bandana. From adding It has been. I’m guilty of enjoying this trend, but not wearing it as frequently as I should. With all these ways to wear it there is no excuse to not add it into your looks more often. Since I covered 5 ways to use a neck scarf in the hair to your bag, I thought it would be fun to share a few ways to wear it on your hair!


I have been growing out my hair now for a while (ended up Chopping off it which you can view here!) And this is definitely something that helps to dress your hair up and make it seem fresh in a pinch. It’s easy to get sick of your own hair but incorporating in a simple bandana whether it is a low ponytail, top knot or something in between, I have you covered.


The only thing you really need for these looks is your Trusty, favourite bandana. You can use slick ones, cotton ones, whichever you prefer! There are numerous options to shop now that there is no way you can not locate One which is suitable for your style. Furthermore, If you are fearful of a bandana, You can always opt for scrunchie models or super thin bandanas such as this one. It helps to take the guesswork out of it and may make this style a bit less intimidating! Below are a few personal favorites.